Susan Haight voice over Clay Kids Susan Haight's voiceover career has been all over the map.  Literally. 

From a cheerleader for a Burger King commercial in Sweden, to kittens in the Czech Republic, to a realtor in Dubai and a teacher in the Clay Kids series from Spain, Susan's voiceover exploits have spanned the globe.

Susan Haight been cast in a wide variety of media. Really wide. In addition to TV and film, Susan has recorded for museums, internet videos, best selling apps, and videogames (including Kinect: Disneyland Adventures). She has performed in explainer videos and eLearning modules and even recorded medical narration for kiosks (where she got to say words like immunohistochemistry -- with feeling.) She’s been a French travel agent for the Phineas and Ferb Adventure at Disney’s Epcot Center, a medical examiner for a restaurant chain’s radio campaign, a Civil War widow for a museum, and a singing violin for a children’s musical education website/TV show Melody Street with child prodigy Ethan Bortnick. And she's not even tired.  Her roles include a Gerber baby, a “spokes frog” (yeah, really)  and various talking cars, birds, old ladies and even a caterpillar for Pulitzer Prize winning Political Animator Mark Fiore. Favorite roles include a teacher, Ms. Henderson, where she's currently recorded 29 episodes for Clay Kids, an unusual series combining clay animation with digital expertise. One of Susan's roles was as Humpty Dumpty as well as Humpty's girlfriend -- requiring her to have chemistry with herself!

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